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Suggestions And Methods For Making Muscadine Jelly

After 5 minutes, try these guys out remove from water and set on a towel for twenty-four hours to chill. Listen for the popping of the lid. If a lid doesn’t pop when lightly touched, refrigerate the jar.

I hope you enjoyed this means of us making muscadine jelly. It was a really rewarding thing to do and I’m pretty sure we’ll be making extra subsequent yr. It’s messy however not that hard in any respect.

That pan was made only for this recipe and one other’s footage. This is an old-time muscadine jelly made without pectin. I’ve been canning every kind of configures for years. Only tighten the screw lids “fingertip” tight. If you tighten them an excessive quantity of, the water stress may cause the jar to burst in the canner.

Place sealed jars into canner and canopy with water by about 2 inches. If wanted add boiling water to cover jars. Bring to a gentle boil and course of for 5 minutes. I was a bit intimidated by sterilizing jars; something about boiling scorching water, hot sugary liquid, and glass make me nervous.

Southern-cuisine professional and cookbook writer Diana Rattray has created greater than 5,000 recipes and articles in her 20 years as a food writer. We used this recipe but it’s by no means jelled. Someone informed me we didn’t cook dinner it long enough.

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