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Vicky Pattison rules out Geordie Shore

Vicky Pattison has ruled out a return to after admitting she’s too much of a ‘miserable cow’ to keep up with their partying ways.

Speaking with MailOnline to celebrate her collaboration with skincare brand YourGoodSkin, the 30-year-old confessed she’s fallen out of touch with many of her co-stars from the MTV series, after admitting that she had been brought to tears by social media trolls.

Vicky also revealed that she recently became ‘overwhelmed’ by planning her wedding to fiance John Noble next year, adding that she’s looking to hire a planner that can guide her through the ‘wedding wilderness.’

Moving on up: Vicky Pattison has ruled out a return to Geordie Shore after admitting she’s too much of a ‘miserable cow’ to keep up with their partying ways

She said: ‘Unfortunately I don’t really get together with the Geordie shore as much as I should and it’s a shame because they’re a fantastic bunch of people, but that chapter of my life is sadly over. 

‘I couldn’t even keep up with them if I tried now. Three gins and I need a pizza in bed! I see the pictures of them out on the lash and I think god you lads are hardcore I don’t know how you do it! 

‘I’m a miserable old cow, and they’re very much in the prime of their partying life so I wish them the best. I hope they continue to fly that partying flag for little old me. I’m too darn old to do it anymore!’

Vicky was one of Geordie Shore’s main stars from its premiere in 2011 until 2014, and starred alongside other such as Charlotte Crosby, Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle and Scotty T.

Open: Speaking with MailOnline the 30-year-old said she’s fallen out of touch with many of the show’s stars (above with Charlotte Crosby and Rebecca Walker in 2012)

The Newcastle-born beauty also spoke candidly about her struggles with social media trolls, saying that on a bad day their comments could sometimes bring them to tears.

She admitted: ‘I’m really fortunate and really lucky to wake up and do the job I do. It’s unpredictable and it takes me to amazing places to meet some fantastic people.

‘One of the only downsides, and I’m not complaining I promise I’m not cos I know how fortunate I am, but one of the downsides is the negativity I can received on social media. 

Honest: Vicky also admitted she has previously been brought to tears by social media trolls, saying: ‘I shouldn’t be fighting back the one in a thousand comments’


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‘I don’t understand it I don’t understand why their first reaction to a person they don’t is hatred or anger. If you catch us on a really good day I can sort of look at these things and be like ”what the hell has happened to that person?” and I almost feel like it feels unrelated to me and I feel sorry for them. 

‘But on a down day I’ll answer back and I’ll cry. That over-sensitivity on my behalf is something that I would like to improve on. I can never stop people’s negativity and I will never stop some from unfortunately using social media for the wrong reasons but I can learn to deal with it better.

‘I’ve got so much to be thankful for, I shouldn’t be fighting back the one in a thousand comments.’

Exciting: The I’m A Celebrity winner was celebrating her collaboration with skincare brand YourGoodSkin, which she says has completely transformed her complexion

Vicky is currently planning her wedding to long-term boyfriend John Noble, after announcing her engagement last July.

The couple had previously postponed the special day in January as they didn’t want to rush into married life, but Vicky now reveals plans are in full swing with a goal of tying the knot next summer.

She said: ‘Everything’s going along slowly but surely. I feel like we’ve got an awful lot of pressure to get married, when we postponed it. So I’m just trying to keep above it, I’m not getting dragged into it because we’re doing what’s best for us. 

‘We definitely want a family and everything that follows traditionally with married life, we’re not dragging our heels on the wedding we want to get married first, and we’re definitely looking at next summer.’

Exciting: Vicky also said that she is currently planning her engagement to fiance John Noble, but confessed she has hired a wedding planner to stop her feeling ‘overwhelmed’

Vicky also confessed she started to find all the finer details of planning a wedding too much to bear, and is looking into hiring a wedding planner to help with the big day.

‘We are not as far ahead as we would have liked. I’m definitely being inspired to hire a wedding planner. She’s gonna like be the only way we will get this wedding planned,’ she said.

‘I’m just overwhelmed, there’s so many options and so many choices. I’ve not got the wealth of knowledge I need to navigate myself through this wedding wilderness. I’m definitely gonna have a wedding planner, it’s the next point of call to find one of them.’

On the move: On the topic of moving to Australia, the beauty admitted she would need to convince her fiance for the move, but she would prefer to split her time between Oz and the UK

And following a brief period of residing in Australia, Vicky also admitted she wouldn’t rule out a more permanant residence Down Under, but her fiance John would take some convincing.

She added: ‘I’ve always wanted to live in Australia, it’s always been the end goal for me I fell in love with the place when I was about 25 and it has always been a real dream of mine to live there, not permanently, I’d split the year.  

‘I’d chase the sun, eventually I’d live in UK in the summer and head over to Australia for their summer. 

‘John is slightly more hesitant his business will always keep him in the UK, particularly in the North East. So I’ve got a hard job on my hands if I’m going to convince him.

‘I love Australia so much, all the shows I’ve done I had so much fun, all the people out there are so chilled out. So never say never on that one. But I will have a real hard job convincing John he’s the biggest homebody.’

Transformed: Vicky was also keen to gush on how YourGoodSkin has transformed her complexion, after spending her teenage years battling severe acne

Vicky was celebrating her collaboration with skincare brand YourGoodSkin, and admitted her complexion has been transformed by her use of the products.

She said: ‘For years and years I really neglected my skin. Like you do when you’re younger you don’t take things into consideration. 

‘All things have a huge effect on your skin. This brand is so fantastic because they take all of those things into consideration.

‘I’m quite hormonal every so often I enjoy a good drink, my diet can fluctuate.

‘I’m also busy I‘m quite an intense person, I wouldn’t enjoy six hours a day just on skincare, the fact I can do it all quickly is a major positive. I’ve noticed a huge difference already, I’m not doing bad for an old boot of 30!’

Vicky also said that suffering from severe acne during her teenage years used to really take a toll on her mental health, and having clear skin now has been a huge boost to her self-esteem.

Chilled out: The stunning brunette star also said she’s found less interest in going out and partying since she got older, and prefers nothing more than a good pamper session

‘When I was younger it was really hard I think I hit puberty a lot sooner than some people my age. I think all of about 12 years old,’ she admitted. 

‘I had quite aggressive acne on my skin. When you’re young when you’re trying to come terms with your changing shape and who you are it was a really difficult time for me. I didn’t want to do to school it led me to being really embarrassed and made me self-conscious of who I was and how my body was changing. 

‘I wish I could show myself back then and my skin now I would never believe it was possible. I spend a majority of days wearing no makeup at all. I much prefer a more natural look even when I do wear makeup.’

And even with her newfound complexion Vicky she’s become less interested in a big night on the town, and loves nothing more than a good pamper session.

She said: ‘I do love a good pamper night, nothing better than getting my feet up a good box set a glass of wine and a face mask. 

Focused: On her future projects, Vicky remained coy on what was coming in the pipeline, but said she would like to spend the autumn working on more ‘serious’ projects

Ready to go: After a long day, Vicky was spotted heading home from her hotel later on

Casually chic: She kept on the same ensemble, involving a crisp white shirt and distressed jeans

Glamorous: Never without a hint of glamour, she carried a sleek leather handbag in her left hand, which also flashed her huge engagement ring from fiancé John Noble

‘I love a night out with my pals. My way of unwinding has completely changed. It used to be ten Yagerbombs and getting off with some random fella! 

‘Now I can’t imagine anything worse than a heavy night on the town it gives us anxiety. I enjoy a good meal and great bottle of wine. I cannot believe what I’ve become I’m a boring old boot but I love it!’

And following her work with the skincare brand Vicky remained coy on what projects she had in the pipeline, but was confident she wanted to work on something more ‘serious’ in the autumn.

She said: ‘I’m looking to diversify this year. I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered more and more about who I am and I’ve changed. I think a little bit as I’ve grown and as my skill set has diversified I’d like to show more examples of that.

‘I’m gonna look at doing something slightly more serious with myself, although I can have a laugh on a panel show it’s time to show a more genuine and serious and in depth time with myself.’

Natural: She left her hair in loose waves and sported her usually bronzed make-up look

Ready for bed: Vicky cut a tired figure as she headed home

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