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White Card Licence in Australia

White Card Training

CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

Course Overview:

This unit of competency specifies the mandatory work health and safety training required prior to undertaking construction work. The unit requires the person to demonstrate personal awareness and knowledge of health and safety legislative requirements in order to work safely and prevent injury or harm to self and others. It covers identifying and orally reporting common construction hazards, understanding basic risk control measures, and identifying procedures for responding to potential incidents and emergencies. It also covers correctly selecting and fitting common personal protective equipment (PPE) used for construction work.

Course Outline

Legislation & Australian Standard references

Risk Management Process

Communication in the workplace

Workplace Emergencies

All About White Card Training in Australia

White card for construction induction training is also a very important training in Australia. The training courses should be conducted in a face-to-face classroom environment and it is not permitted to be delivered online or even by the process of e-learning.

The unit of competency in the white card training is mandatory and it is required before anyone starts undertaking any construction work. The person who undertakes do you need has to be able to demonstrate some personal awareness as well as a knowledge about the health and safety of the legislative in order to be able to work safely and prevent injuries.

It has the ability to cover oral reporting of the common hazards in the process of construction. It should be noted that white card training also covers correct selection and fitting of the common personal protective equipment that are mainly used for the process of construction.

Let us read till the end in order to understand more about the white card training in Australia and its details.

Further Details of White Card Training And Why It Is Required?

The general construction induction card or popularly known as white card is required for all the workers who desire to carry out a construction process.

The following people require a white card such as:

A site manager, supervisor, as well as the tradespeople.

People who are accessing the operational construction zones require white card.

Workers who entered the construction zone.

It should be mentioned that the white card becomes void if the individual has carried the construction process for two or more consecutive years. If you desire to get white card, you should make sure you’re eligible for the training.

The participant should be able to complete the general construction induction training along with a registered training organization or RTO.

Using online search in order to find a white card trainer in your area is advised.

On the final note it should be mentioned that you will require to train and get 100 points of ID in order to be qualified.

Unlike other training courses, in white card training you should be at least 14 years old in order to be capable to participate.

Students should be able to have sufficient language literacy as well as numeracy skills in order to perform simple calculations, read and write, and to understand English.

It is mandatory to participate in classroom training.

There are no formal prerequisites.

In the white card training the participants will learn how to identify health and safety legislation requirements and the hazards at work and how they can control it.

Emergency response procedures are also thought in the class to all the participants as well.

The duration of the course is around to 2 to 4 hours in order to complete and 2 hours for the assessment to be completed.

white card australia

Why Is White Card Important?

The course is mainly designed in order to help and maintain safety in the workplace. According to the safe work Australia the industry of construction simply suffers from a third most worker fatalities every year.

It has been stated that one out of 5 work related fatalities orca at work on the construction site. It is a huge number and this is the main reason it has been a great issue.

With a proper training individuals will be able to receive an up-to-date knowledge about health and safety as well as methods by which they can deal during emergencies at work.

The induction course has the ability to provide a unique foundation of knowledge as well as skills in order to prevent injuries and fatalities for all the workers.

Most common risks and how to avoid them are being taught to all the participants in the white card training.

How Can an Individual Get a White Card in Australia?

If you desire to have a white card, you need to complete the construction induction training first.

Workers should attend a course that is offered through a registered training organization and the cost of the training varies between the nationally recognize and the responsibility of the attendee.

In many areas training is completed in a face-to-face manner and this considered that the online training is now not recognized by the regulatory bodies of the State.

There are a lot of advantages that the face-to-face training has as compared to the online training which includes the ability in order to demonstrate some practical skills.

Once the participant successfully completes the course they will receive a statement of attainment which is valid for a period of 60 days and the certificate will arrive within 30-days.

Anyone who lives in Australia and plans to work in the construction industry is bound to complete the course and get certified in order to be able to do so.

What All Are Included in The Construction Induction Training or White Card Training?

It includes a very comprehensive look at the common dangers and hazards that can occur at the construction site for the workers such as:



Exposure to some dangerous materials

Electrical hazards

There can be even issues of getting struck by accident as well

white card licence

In the course all the participants will be able to recognize the hazards and to find a good solution in order to protect themselves and their colleagues if required.

The course combined presentation as well as a practical training in order to make sure that the participant has the ability to grasp all the information in detail.

The general construction induction training is important even for those who are planning to temporarily visit the workplace in Australia. Be careful not to lose your card once you receive it. Though in many of the cases you can get a replacement of the lost card exactly from the place from where you completed your training course.

We hope now you know the importance of the white card training or the general induction training course which is very important in Australia. To be noted you can even receive a pre-course material before attending the program. These course materials simply provide an overview of all the information that is being covered.

Review the information as it will be of great help to you as well as your training period to be able to successfully complete your training.